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1. Are we able to get site plans?
2. Are there any zoning issues with the property?
3. Will HUD consider returning to project based Section 8 housing?
4. Is the management company that is currently in place required to stay?
5. Are there any utility issues with the property?
6. Does the property have any asbestos problems?
7. Does the property have any lead based paint problems?
8. What is the age of the property?
9. Do the roofs of the current buildings have any known damage from the storms?
10. Is each unit separately metered for utilities?
11. Is there a certain format the requested proposals should be put in?
12. Do we need to reveal/prove our funding source in the proposals?
13. How long will it take for the city to define it’s finalists?
14. Who will be on the committee that chooses the winning proposal?
15. What are the projected taxes on the property after rehab?
16. Since all previous tenants were section 8 tenants, how will they be able to afford to return?
17. Will give the relocated tenants new vouchers for whatever the new rent amount will be?
18. What is your definition of maintaining Paradise as affordable housing?
19. Do any of the units have mold?
20. Section 5.e. of the Draft Contract of Sale states "Purchaser shall have 21 days from the date of execution of this contract ...". What is the date of execution?
21. Would it be possible to receive copies of the documents referenced in the Cost Estimate Remarks section of HUD's Post-Closing Repairs Requirements?
22. Has HUD commissioned or have copies of any Phase I Environmental Assessment or any other environmental testing?
23. If during the course of performing due diligence during the 60 day closing period, the purchaser identifies reasons not to proceed, will the City allow the contract to be terminate?
24. Is a staged completion allowed?
25. Do you have any information regarding the utility bills?
26. Will these apartments need to be brought up to the current building and fire code, i.e. sprinkler systems or additional water pipes to support addtional fire hydrants?
27. Rider 3 states that “All units must be maintained as affordable.” This conflicts with the City’s statement that 36 units must be maintained as affordable housing. How many units is it?
28. 2. Can we receive a list of incomes of the former tenants granted First Right of Refusal?