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1. Do I also need a State/County Business License?
2. When are business license renewals mailed out?
3. Does the City of Madison allow on-line filing of taxes?
4. How do I find out if a company is licensed to do business in the City of Madison?
5. What is the debit block number for the City of Madison for online filing of taxes?
6. How much does a business license cost?
7. What methods of payment does the Revenue Department accept?
8. What is the mailing address for the City of Madison Revenue Department?
9. Where do I address automobile tag questions for vehicles located in Madison?
10. Where do I address property tax questions for homes located within the City of Madison?
11. What is the total sales tax rate in the City of Madison?
12. What is the physical address to send something by overnight mail?
13. Can business tax or license penalties be abated or waived?
14. I have run out of tax forms. Who should I contact?