Bebe Oetjen


Bebe is a graduate of Wesleyan College, Macon, GA.  She worked at the Savannah River Plant near Augusta, GA.  After attending the University of North Carolina, she worked for Lockheed in Marietta, Ga. She married and moved to Madison in 1963 and worked for GE. The population of Madison was less than 3000 with NO traffic lights and many dirt roads.

After a Recall vote in 1983, Bebe was elected to the position of Commissioner of Public Safety. Shortly after this, Madison was growing so rapidly – we needed our own High School.  Bob Jones was originally a County School- moved in 1996. In 1998 the Madison City School system was formed.

Both of these were accomplished with much discussion and much talk about tax increases, in which Bebe served as a vital role. She has continued attending Madison Council Meetings after her role as Commissioner, whenever possible.

She hopes her experience will be beneficial to this Committee.


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