What do I do if I am being pulled over by an unmarked police car?

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are occasional cases of police impersonators pulling over motorists. Since Madison is in a metropolitan area, there are a variety of law enforcement agencies either working on our streets and highways, namely the Sheriff’s office and highway patrol, or on their way to another destination. Our unmarked units, which are in a variety of makes and models, are equipped with flashing lights in the front grill, visor, or windshields and have sirens. The unit may or may not have a spotlight. If you are being stopped by what appears to be an unmarked car, acknowledge the officer by turning on your four-way hazard flashers and driving to the nearest well-lit area at a reduced speed. If the officer is not in uniform, lock your door and roll your window down about an inch. Ask the officer to identify him/herself with his or her badge and ID Card. If you do not believe the officer, ask him to call for a marked police vehicle so you can verify he or she is the police. Officers are required to call in all vehicle stops to dispatch. You can also call the Police Department Dispatch on your cell phone by using 9-1-1 or (256) 722-7190 - to verify you have been stopped by an officer.

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