What do I do when I'm being pulled over by an officer?

There are many laws and regulations in place to help ensure that Madison’s roads and highways are safe places to travel. Enforcement of these laws can be stressful for both motorist and police officers alike. Find out how to make your experience with a traffic stop as stress free as possible. After stopping, unless directed by the officer to get out of your car, please wait in your car for the officer to approach. Please keep your hands on the steering wheel and do not make any sudden movements or reach into your glove compartment. The officer will ask for your driver’s license and proof of liability insurance. If you have a weapon in the car this is the time to calmly tell the officer that you have one and where it is. Please do not reach for it! The officer will explain why you were stopped. This is not the time to contest the stop or a citation if one is later issued. The Madison Police Department uses both marked (the standard white with blue and gold striping) and unmarked cars for patrol duties. All our marked units are equipped with overhead lights, stripes, and sirens. All of our unmarked units are equipped with lights in the grill / windshield, back window, and tail-lights.

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