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Ordinance 2019-148 Ordinance 2019-148
disposition of lodging tax proceeds
Ordinance 2019-147 Ordinance 2019-147
renewing and confirming sales and use tax half-cent earmark for city warrant debt service
Ordinance 2019-130 Ordinance 2019-130
amending parking regulations on certain city streets
Ordinance 2019-110 Ordinance 2019-110
amending Section 6-8 of the Madison City Code pertaining to the caring for animals/animal cruelty
Ordinance No. 2019-09 Ordinance No. 2019-09
amending the residential monthly trash collection fee for residences within the Athens Utilities service area
Ordinance No 2018-288 Ordinance No 2018-288
amending Chapter 4; Alcoholic Beverages
Ordinance No 2018-264 Ordinance No 2018-264
adopting regulations regarding portable storage containers
Ordinance No 2018-242 Ordinance No 2018-242
adopting State and Federal Standards for the prevention of flood damage
Ordinance No 2018-231 Ordinance No 2018-231
amending Section 10-26; Schedule AT, Rest Home or Retirement Home
Ordinance 2018-199 Ordinance 2018-199
amending the City's schedule of Building and Construction permit fees (relating to Fire Department and Engineering Department re-inspection fees)
Ordinance 2018-193 Ordinance 2018-193
amending the City's Building Code as adopted in Chapter 8
Ordinance 2018-186 Ordinance 2018-186
amending the City's Schedule of Court Fines
Ordinance 2018-166 Ordinance 2018-166
amending the Building Code as adopted in Chapter 8
Ordinance 2018-165 Ordinance 2018-165
amending the Fire Code as adopted in Chapter 8
Ordinance No 2018-73 Ordinance No 2018-73
amending Chapter 10 relating to electronic filing of returns
Ordinance No 2018-12 Ordinance No 2018-12
amending the residential monthly trash collection fee
Ordinance 2017-277 Ordinance 2017-277
amending Article VIII of the Code of Ordinances relating to lodging tax
Ordinance 2017-222 Ordinance 2017-222
amending the City's Business License Code
Ordinance 2017-172 Ordinance 2017-172
amending Schedule H of Section 10-26 of the Madison City Code relating to beer, wine and liquor