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     April 2014 Minutes

Madison City Disability Advocacy Board

Regular Monthly Board Meeting


Date:  April 8, 2014                                                   Time:  6:00 pm                      

Location:  City Hall, Conference Room 130            Presiding:  Claudia Rice, Vice-Chairperson         Recorder:  Joni Haas

Board Members Present:  Claudia Rice, Don Gardner, Joni Haas, Cynthia Allison, Tracy Butterfield, Kathy Burris

Board Members Absent: Keith Bedsole, Jamie Hill, Gerald Clark, Paula Cushman

Guests Present:  Willard Brooks.


Call to Order:  The Vice-Chairperson, Claudia Rice, called the meeting to order and noted that a quorum was present.  It was noted that sufficient prior notice of the meeting was given, in accordance with the Alabama Open Meetings Act.


Announcements:  Kathy Burris announced that there have been no applications for the  scholarship offered to the USSRC.  Unclear on how the information was disseminated to the schools and if there has been any feedback on difficulty in filling out the application the Board discussed sending cover letter to all students and put the application on our website.  Motion was made to spend $100 out of the administrative budget on copies of cover letter for distribution and extend deadline to May 30, 2014.  Tracy Butterfield made the motion and Kathy Burris seconded.  All board members present approved the motion, no opposition, motion carried.  Kathy Burris will prepare the cover letter and get the copies.

Easter Egg Hunt is set for April 18 at 6:00 at Palmer Park.  Board members planning to help will be there at 5:30 to set up.

Dancing with Friends for Adults with disabilities at Trinity Baptist Church is scheduled for May 2.

The next Making Waves swim is May 17 at the Madison YMCA from 5 to 7.  


Public Comments:  none


Approval of Minutes: Claudia Rice noted a quorum was not present from the regular March 2014 meeting so approval of the minutes will have to wait until the May meeting. 


Treasurer?s Report:  Don Gardner provided a copy of the Treasurer?s report to all board members present.  He reported a balance of $14,971.56.  Of this balance, $2,718.66 is earmarked as EPIC funds.  There is no change from the previous month.


Committee Reports:


Accessibility:  Don Gardner reported that there has been up to 7000 hits on the ?Think Before you Park? video on YouTube.  The Westin Hotel is also using it in their new employee orientation.


Day Services and Housing:  EPIC Board met again to finalize their application for non-profit status, waiting to get lawyer appointment and paperwork submitted.


Transportation:  none


Recreation Advisory Board:  none


New Business:  Claudia Rice initiated discussion on possible expenditures for 2014.  She would like to invite Jo Poates , 310 Board Chairman to attend a June or July board meeting to talk about what the 310 Board does and answer questions.  This will be just one of the possible recipients of a MCDAB contribution, others will be brought forward by board members for discussion.


Fishing Rodeo:  Joni Haas will contact Gail Milam at Dublin Park to solidify the particulars on date and time.  Kathy Burris will call a Boy Scout contact to ask if they would be interested in helping out and possibly build another wooden structure near the waters edge.  Reminder to get smaller hooks this year.


Meeting Adjourned


Next meeting is May 13, 2014 at 6:00 City Hall, Conference Room 130.  


NOTE:  Underlined text indicates an action to be taken by a board member(s).