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Patel Family

The 2018 Family of the Year

The Patel Family

The Patel family believes and models the Jim Rohn Quotation, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  They are thankful to live in a city like Madison where their family is surrounded by so many friends and co-workers who are a positive and caring influence on them.  In return, they are giving back to the community in many extraordinary ways.

Sandy, an astrophysicist, and Amy, teacher and theatre director, may seem like an unlikely pair.  However, they share a passion for their boys, Kieran and Connery, and their community.  Sandy is currently serving as Rotary Club Board member and Rotary Club Foundation President, where he fully believes in the motto, “Service above self.” Amy is heavily involved in theatre in the community.  Her service in this area fosters creativity, empathy and leadership in young performers and technicians while bringing the community together.  The entire Patel Family is very active in many Madison activities: scouts, school clubs and sports, PTA, just to name a few.

“We are a snuggly family”, says mom.  Though very busy, they stay close by making their family a priority.  Having dinner together, playing together, or, just hanging out together are just a few of the ways the family “resets”.  They are a family of diversity, involved and passionate about so many different things.  “We shift constantly to find the right balance, but we believe firmly that we can do that in Madison.  We don’t just live here.  We have truly created a life here.”