Madison Growth Plan (Key Development Areas)

The Madison Growth Plan includes six Key Development Areas (KDAs) as a detailed study approved in 2016. These areas are most likely, and most amenable, to change and added-value to the City. Led by the Planning Department, but working with many other departments, staff worked on a daily basis to add value to these areas (as well as City-wide). These economic development efforts required awareness of available properties, collaboration with real estate brokers / site selectors / developers / property & business owners to implement the shared vision as described in the Growth Plan

Additional plans of interest are the West Side Master Plan and the Historic Downtown Madison Station Plan. Click on the icons above to review the specific areas or review the planning efforts. Each Plan also has a dedicated page with additional information in the Planning Department.

Growth Plan KDA Locations
Madison Growth Plan
County Line Road
U.S. Highway 72
Madison / Boulevard
Midtown Madison
Old Madison Pike
Western Growth Area

Other Plans and Development Documents

TP-2040 Plan
2018 IAP
Parks Rec
Historic Madison Station