Zoning Overview

Visit the Planning & Economic Development Department for more information related to Zoning.  There is also an interactive GIS mapping tool in the Engineering Department that includes the zoning district locations throughout the entire City. For a complete description of each zone, refer to the zoning ordinance.
District Type of District Dwelling Density
R-1 Estate Residential District (0.97 du/acre)
R-1A Low Density Residential District (2.42 du/acre)
R-1B Low Density Residential District (2.90 du/acre)
R-2 Medium Density Residential District (4.14 du/acre)
RZ Zero Lot Line Residential District
R-3 High Density Residential District (8.00 du/acre)
R-3A Single-Family Detached Residential District
R-4 Multi-Family Residential District (12.00 du/acre)
B-1 Neighborhood Business District (0.00 du/acre)
B-2 Community Commercial District (0.00 du/acre)
B-2/S-1 Community Commercial Special District 1 (0.00 du/acre)
B-3 General Business District (0.00 du/acre)
M-1 Restricted Industrial District (0.00 du/acre)
M-2 General Industrial District (0.00 du/acre)
AG Agricultural District (0.33 du/acre)
PUD Planned Unit Development District (as provided)
RC-1 Residential Cluster District Number 1 (2.42 du/acre)
RC-2 Residential Cluster District Number 2 (4.14 du/acre)
ANI Airport Noise Influence District (as provided)
FH Flood Hazard District (as provided)
HWC Highway Corridor District (as provided)
HIS Historical District (as provided)
WSP Water Supply Protection District (as provided)
DRI Downtown Redevelopment Incentive Overlay District
MU Mixed Use District (as provided)
MC Medical Center District (as provided)
TND Traditional Neighborhood Development (as provided)