Code Enforcement

  1. Ulises Acuna

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: (256) 772-5671

  2. Kevin Reed

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: (256) 772-4379

  3. Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement Officers work to make sure our community remains safe and beautiful. Tasked with making sure city ordinances and property maintenance codes are complied with, Code Enforcement works proactively and conjointly with residents, property owners, and businesses to preserve and keep our community aesthetically pleasing. By doing so, we're solidifying Madison's spot as a premiere city to plant your roots. 

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  3. Contact Your Code Officer

Click here to report a violation. You will be asked to provide the location and nature of the violation. If you do not have a street address, please give your best description of the area, including landmarks and/or intersections. Your request will be routed to Code Enforcement for review.