• Effective May 1, 2018, all sales, use, rental, and lodging taxes are to be filed through the My Alabama Taxes (MAT) website.  A copy of the ordinance can be found here.  Please be sure to have your Tax ID number.  If you do not know it, please contact us before filing online.

Business License and Tax Application

  • Click here for a new business license and tax application.  It may be submited through the pdf form and we will get in contact with the applicant regarding payment or other information that may be needed.  All revenue forms and applications work best when filled out and submitted on a computer rather than a phone unless you have the free Adobe Acrobat app.

Tax Forms

  • All tax forms on the left side of the page are now fillable and can be submitted online.  The SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form will email a copy to the revenue department.  If you plan on filing a zero tax return, please use this new feature to submit online.