Drainage and Stormwater Management

Maintenance Provided 

Public Works provides maintenance for the City's storm drainage system, which includes bridges, culverts, closed storm drains, and those areas where the City has drainage easements. Work accomplished in this area includes the removal of accumulated sediment / debris and the repair of concrete structures and pipes.

Stormwater Affects Our Environment

Stormwater is rain that does not seep into the ground and runs off into our storm drain system, and eventually flows into our streams and lakes. Impervious surfaces, such as roads, parking lots, driveways, and roofs that are common in urban areas prevent the rain water from seeping into the ground and increase the amount of stormwater runoff.

Stormwater is not treated before it is discharged into our water bodies. Therefore, anything that it comes into contact with as it flows over the landscape can contaminate the water.

Rules for Drainage Maintenance

Citizens often have questions about grass and weed mowing in ditches and creeks. Under State law and City ordinance, the City is not responsible for routine maintenance of creeks, streams, ditches, or drainage easements.

The City will evaluate these areas to see whether conditions pose a threat to property from flooding. If conditions warrant, the City may trim weeds, grass, and trees to reduce imminent flooding potential. Under City ordinance, depositing brush and trash in streams, ditches, or drainage easements is illegal. Property owners are asked to help maintain ditches and drainage easements as they are in most cases private property. To have an area evaluated, please call 256-772-8490 or Let Us Know.

Please report problems such as illegal dumping, blocked water flow, or suspected pollution problems to the Code Enforcement Office at (256) 772-5644 or Let Us Know.

Drainage in New Developments

For drainage in new developments, please contact the Engineering Department at 256-797-8025 or email the Engineering Department.