Defensive Driving Course

How do I Attend a Defensive Driving Course?

To attend a Defensive Driving Course, your Traffic Offense must qualify for the course. The advantage of attending the course is that your ticket will be dismissed and will not result in points added to your driving history. The court does not have any control over your insurance rates.


You must appear in court for multiple tickets.

In accordance with Federal Law, any defendant possessing a commercial drivers license will be prohibited from attending driving school.

Course Levels

Level I available on line.  To qualify for the Level I Class, you must not have completed a driving course anywhere over the last two years.

To register for the class, call or visit Court Office between regular business hours prior to your scheduled court date. All pertinent information will be given to you at that time.

To attend an in person Level 1 or Level II class you must come to the court office for forms and information.