Mayor's Office

Mayor Paul Finley

The Mayor serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Administrative Branch of Madison’s City Government. Mayor Finley served as Madison Mayor from 2008 - 2012 and was elected once again in 2016.

Mayor's Responsibilities:

  • Enforcing all laws & ordinances
  • Exercising administrative supervision & control over all departments
  • Preparing & submitting annual budgets to the Council
  • Keeping the Council fully advised of the financial conditions & needs of the City
  • Recommending actions to the Council
  • Hiring and terminating all employees of the City with the exception of the City Clerk, City Attorney, Police Chief, & Fire Chief

Mayor's Scholarship Award Program

  1. BJHS Winners
  2. JCHS Winners
  3. DMS Winners
  4. LMS Winners
  5. St. John's Winners
School Year Student
2017-2018 Alberto Frutos
2016-2017 Christian Harris
2015-2016 Jayla Crump
2014-2015 Annalicia Rosado
2013-2014 Daniel Lang
2012-2013 Frederick Daso
2011-2012 Jon Ganatra
2010-2011 Nicholas Mecikalski
2009-2010 Caleb Bradford
2008-2009 Hannah Bowers