Legal Department


The Legal Department is responsible for ensuring provision of various legal services to the municipal corporation, including:

  • Litigation | Oversees litigation filed against or on behalf of the City and its employees
  • Legal Opinions | Provides opinions on and interpretations of current laws as they relate to the functions and activities of the City
  • Administrative Hearings | Represents and provides legal services to City departments in matters involving administrative and personnel matters
  • Contracts | Provides legal services for the City in the preparation and review of all types of contracts involving the City, including commercial and real estate transactions
  • Prosecution | Oversees the prosecution of City Code and State law violations in the City of Madison Municipal Court and in appeals from decisions of that court
  • Administration | Attends all meetings of the Madison City Council and meetings of the committees of the Council as requested; prepares resolutions, ordinances, and any other documentation needed to carry out the intent and directions of the Council and Mayor; attends meetings of the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment to provide general counsel to staff and appointed officials
  • Competitive Purchasing | Prepares and processes all documents necessary to issue Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposals; conducts pre-bid conferences and bid openings; maintains list of registered vendors; prepares contracts and other related documents for the award of bids and proposals in compliance with Title 41 competitive bidding (purchase of goods or services involving $15,000 or more) and Title 39 competitive bidding (public works projects involving an expenditure of $50,000 or more)