How to Become a Firefighter

Want to Become a Madison Firefighter?

Firefighting is an exciting career and will provide you with many rewards. To become appointed at Madison Fire & Rescue, an applicant must possess State of Alabama EMS certification at the EMT-Basic level or above, be 18 years of age or older, be a citizen of the United States, hold a valid driver license, and have successfully completed the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT). Madison Fire & Rescue only accepts the very best, so firefighter candidates also face thorough background investigations and medical examinations.

Obtaining employment at Madison Fire & Rescue is a very competitive process, so candidates should consider meeting the above requirements as a starting point, not a finish. Careers in the firefighting field are no different than other career fields, it starts with a foundation in education. Most applicants come in with degrees in the fire service or related fields or job specific certifications that prepare them for the job that they will face. Regardless of the credentials that a Candidate brings with them, constant personal improvement will be required if they expect to take advantage of future promotional opportunities. Candidates considering employment should enter with a mindset that their education journey is not at the end, but at the beginning. So, are you ready to be one of us?

General Position Summary: 

Responds to emergency calls to provide fire suppression, rescue, hazardous situation mitigation, and emergency medical assistance to the public. Provides basic life support emergency medical care. Provides basic life safety education to target groups deemed to be at risk. Conducts fire prevention inspections, performs general maintenance on fire apparatus, equipment and facilities. Work involves training for and participating in duties of protecting life and property through the performance of firefighting and rescue activities.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities: 

Responds on an apparatus to an emergency scene.

Operates as a member of a team to use appropriate fire fighting equipment to extinguish fires in buildings, terrain, automobiles or other situations which may involve oil, chemicals, electrical or other flammable or combustible materials or origins.

Performs clean up of fire scene; salvages property, removes debris and cleans or restocks equipment and materials.

Operates as a member of a team to provide basic and advanced life support emergency medical services.

Performs as a team member in rescue and hazardous situation mitigation in an inestimable number of hazardous situations. Some examples would include confined space rescue, trench rescue, machine entrapment, and hazardous materials situations.

Independently assesses victims of illness and injuries and initiates proper treatment in accordance with established protocols. Documents patient encounter.

Operates as a member of a team to provide basic public education.

Inspects and performs general maintenance and minor repairs to department facilities, apparatus and equipment. Cleans and maintains station, work, sleeping, office and eating areas. Provides routine cleaning of vehicles and equipment. Maintains building exterior and grounds.

Tests or troubleshoots problems with facility, equipment, apparatus and fire protection systems such as radios and paging equipment, recorders and alarm circuits.

Participates in performing fire inspections of public and private buildings for pre-fire planning or to determine if they comply with fire codes.

Participates in fire drills, department training programs and personal development programs to learn or upgrade skills in firefighting methods, equipment or services.

Participates in training other less experienced personnel. Prepares and maintains reports and records of activities, incidents, inspections or other information.

Models integrity, moral and ethical courage, and other characteristics of teamwork in all official contacts.

Receives and transmits messages over department communications equipment.


For information on EMS certification requirements: Alabama Department of Public Health - EMS Division:

For Information on EMS education/training requirements: Calhoun Community College:

For Information on the Candidate Physical Agility Test: Alabama Fire College:

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