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Madison Baseball Association (MBA)

The Madison Baseball Association (MBA) is a parent volunteer organization dedicated to providing recreational baseball to the children of Madison between the ages of 4-15 years. For more information, please visit the MBA website.

Age Information

Age for play is determined as of April 30 of the current year.


Registration is normally held in January of each year. MBA is going more towards online registration and has completed some additional enhancements to make it easier on the parents. In person registration dates will be posted to the Recreation Calendar each season.

Primary Registration
All players and parents of players that played the last 2 years are in the system. Search by your last name to profile your information. If you are not listed, start the registration as a new registrant. You are encouraged to update you and your players information. You will receive a registration confirmation via email as well as a receipt if you pay online. For uniform sizing, you may use last year's uniform as a guide as we will be using the same vendor OR you can drop by Philly's Hot Corner located in the Miller Plaza at 8006 Madison Pike #3 in Madison. Philly's telephone number is (256) 461-0240.

Access Online Registration - If you have problems with the registration, please email the MBA Registrar