Engineering Inspections

Engineering Responsibilities

  • New residential and commercial building grading, drainage, and erosion control
  • Construction of commercial sites
  • Construction of residential and commercial subdivisions

How to schedule an inspection

Please call the Engineering Department at (256) 772-5632 or email to schedule the following inspection:

  • Warranty Inspections, required to release the developer from 2 year warranty period

Please call the Building Department at (256) 772-5644 or email to schedule the following inspections:

  • All New Residential home grading, drainage, and erosion control
  • Certificate of Occupancy for residential and commercial buildings
  • Construction Inspections of commercial sites and residential subdivisions
  • Final Residential Engineering Inspections to obtain Certificate of Occupancy

Pre-Construction Requirements and the Inspection Checklist can be found here:

 If you are disturbing 10,000 or more square feet of land, a Land Disturbance Permit is required along with a submittal of an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. Please fill out the following permit application and submit with your plan:

Land Disturbance Permit

Construction Specifications

View the City of Madison Construction Specifications Manual for Public Improvements