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***Special Municipal Ad Valorem Election - September 10, 2019***


Last day to become a resident in order to vote:                    August 11, 2019

        (30 days prior to the election)

Last day to register to vote prior to the election:                    August 26, 2019

        (15 days prior to the election)

Absentee Ballot deadline:                    September 5th, 2019

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Absentee Ballot Instructions

Municipal Polling Locations

As set by State of Alabama statute, all polls shall open at 7:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM.

Council DistrictsPrecinctLocation
1 (Madison County)
Faith Lutheran Church
660 Gillespie Road
2 (Madison County)
Madison Baptist Church
840 Balch Rd.
2 (Limestone County)
Lamb of God Lutheran Church
11716 County Line Rd.
Madison, AL 35756
3 (Madison County)
Madison Mission Seventh Day Adventist
183 Shelton Rd.
4 (Madison County)
Madison City Hall
100 Hughes Rd.
4 (Limestone County)
Lamb of God Lutheran Church
11716 County Line Rd.
Madison, AL 35756
5 (Madison County)
St. John the Baptist Catholic School
1057 Hughes Rd.
6 (Madison County)
Madison Church of Christ
556 Hughes Rd.
7 (Madison County)
Restoration Church
5810 Wall Triana

For more information regarding your polling location, call the City Clerk at (256) 772-5610 or email.

Letter from Mayor Finley

As August rolls in, the pace in the City of Madison picks up dramatically. Schools are back in session and football Fridays and Homecoming Parades are on the horizon. This year one other event focused on our schools is on the horizon, a decision on adding funding for our Madison City Schools.  

I have lived in Madison since 1996.  My three boys have grown up here and graduated from our Madison City Schools.  Looking back I realize I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those of you that were here in 1993 and had the vision and courage to vote yes to the 11 mil property tax increase that allowed us to build two schools (Bob Jones High School and Horizon Elementary) and start our own Madison School system.  Thank you to all of you that believed enough in Madison to see who we could become, you can be proud and take ownership of who we are today.   

I don’t know if any of our city leaders in 1993 could have foreseen the incredible growth that would follow this decision. Our town of about 15,000 in 1993 has now blossomed into just over 50,000 as parents have flocked to Madison to enjoy our incredible quality of life centered around the outstanding education they know their children will receive in attending our Madison City Schools. Our School Board has managed this growth year after year, using the designated 11 mils to add facility after facility to keep up and keep education strong (as the graph below documents in more detail). They have taken this investment as far as it can go and as I write this today our Madison City Schools rank 2nd out of 137 Alabama school districts.

 On September 10th our community will vote on adding revenue for our school system to use to meet the needs of our continued growth.  I am asking you to thoughtfully consider voting yes for the proposed 12 mil property tax increase. For many of you this as an easy decision because it is an investment in your young children.  Others will vote yes as they understand strong schools keep property values increasing. I will vote yes to “pay it forward”, supporting the next generation of parents who want the same thing for their children that my three boys were able to experience!

Valid forms of voter photo identification include:

-Valid Alabama Driver's License

-Valid Alabama Nondriver ID

-Valid Alabama Photo Voter ID Card

-Valid State Issued ID (AL or any other state)

-Valid Federal Issued ID

-Valid US Passport

-Valid Employee ID from Federal Government, State of Alabama, County, Municipality, Board or other entity of this state 

-Valid Student or Employee ID from a public or private college or university in the State of Alabama (including post-graduate technical or professional schools)

-Valid Student or Employee ID issued by a state institution of higher learning in any other state

-Valid Military ID

-Valid Tribal ID