Kid’s Kingdom Playground

Kid’s Kingdom Playground at Dublin Park - CURRENTLY CLOSED

The Madison Kid’s Kingdom Playground at Dublin Park is a community playground project that was constructed during a six day period in October of 1997. The playground is open to the public – free of charge, during daylight hours.

The site is nestled under a number of large oak and walnut trees, which offers plenty of shade. A pavilion with picnic tables is located just outside the gate. Additional picnic tables are located around the perimeter of the playground area.

Beginning September 6, 2022, Kid's Kingdom playground and pavilion area will be closed to the construction of the new playground.

Kids Kingdom

The playground is maintained by the City of Madison Parks and Recreation Department’s Maintenance Division.

Report Problems or Concerns

To report any problems or concerns about the playground, please contact Kory Alfred, Director of Parks and Recreation at (256) 772-9300 or email.