Kid’s Kingdom Playground

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Kid’s Kingdom Playground at Dublin Park - NOW OPEN

The original Madison Kid’s Kingdom Playground at Dublin Park was a community playground project that was constructed during a six day period in October of 1997. 

In September of 2022, the City of Madison demolished the wooden playground structure and designed a new, inclusive playground for children of all abilities to enjoy and play on. In November of 2023, the brand-new Kid's Kingdom playground was re-opened to the public which includes new bathrooms, all new playground equipment, and soft-landing playground surface. The playground is open to the public – free of charge, during daylight hours.

The playground is maintained by the City of Madison Parks and Recreation Department’s Maintenance Division.

Report Problems or Concerns

To report any problems or concerns about the playground, please contact Kory Alfred, Director of Parks and Recreation at (256) 772-9300 or email.