Madison Redevelopment Authority

Madison Redevelopment Authority - Cultivating Revitalization

The purpose of the board is to cultivate, encourage and facilitate the revitalization of the City's central business district, as well as other key commercial areas within the Authority's statutorily-prescribed area of influence. The map of the Development Area is approved by the Redevelopment Authority and the City Council.

Day: The Thursday following the Second Monday of the month.
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Madison City Hall, 100 Hughes Road
Lower Level Conference Room
(South Entrance, facing the Fire Station)

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings.
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Minutes are available following approval.
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Authority Board Members

Name / Position
William "Buck" Clemons1July 27, 2023Council
VACANT2July 27, 2023Council
Dr. Emily W. Cook, Secretary/Treasurer3July 27, 2019Council
Andy Johnson4July 27, 2019Council
Allen J. Yates5July 27, 2019Council
Taron K. Thorpe, Vice-Chair6July 27, 2021Council
Matthew D. Smith7July 27, 2021Council

For more information, or to request to be placed on the Agenda, contact Diane Sterling, Senior Planner, by email or at (256) 772-2897.