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Welcome to the official page of the Madison Growth Plan. The Plan was an effort, undertaken by the City of Madison beginning in 2010, to improve the way we grow and develop. We know that Madison is a great place to live, and we know that more and more people are moving here to experience our great quality of life. The Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission in 2011, and adopted by the City Council in early 2012. It is the Planning Department's responsibility, in cooperation with other departments, elected and appointed officials, and private owners and developers to implement the adopted long-range plan, incrementally through partnerships in private development projects, amendments to regulations, public improvements, and strategic economic development efforts. Click on the icons below to view the documents.

Growth Plan KDA Locations

Key Development Areas

There are guiding principles to our planning process. While the plan will encompass all of the City Limits and potential growth areas of Madison, six (6) Key Development Areas (KDAs) have been identified as geographical areas of study. KDA Advisory Teams met in August 2010 to begin discussing with the consultant the vision, challenges, and opportunities for each of these development areas.

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KDA: Western Growth Area


To make sure that we maintained a high level of quality, and to encourage new development that accentuates it, the City hired a team of planning consultants to the community through a planning process that resulted in a clear, consensus-driven vision for the future of Madison. View the Guiding Principles.

Madison kicked off the public process at a well-attended meeting at the new YMCA on November 4, 2010. Approximately 200 interested people attended to hear about the planning process and provide ideas and feedback about the vision for Madison's future. View Kickoff Meeting Presentation

Prior to the kickoff meeting, Urban Collage had worked with advisory teams for each of the opportunity development areas. View Planning Process Overview Presentation.

A second public meeting was attended by about 120 interested citizens on January 27th. The first cut at developing a framework plan for the various KDA's was presented and a work sessions followed to provide feedback on the framework plans. View Framework Plan Presentation

A third and final public input meeting was held on April 12th with at least 80 participants. During this workshop, participants had a chance to review more detailed plans and recommendations for the six Key Development Areas and prioritize projects by "voting" with play money. View Final Presentation

Online Survey Results

Response to the online surveys was overwhelming. Here are a few quick numbers. The summary of the results are included in the Adopted Growth Plan.

  • 1,040 total responses
  • Over 300 for County Line Road KDA alone
  • At least 100 responses for each KDA
  • Most community survey results ever received by Urban Collage

Way to get involved Madison!