August 11th Meeting

Recap of Initial Growth Impact Meeting, 11 August

Co-Chairs Johnson and Potter held the first Madison Growth Impact Committee meeting on August 11th, both Mayor Finley and Superintendent Parker attended. The focus of the initial meeting was estimating Madison’s future growth; however, a review of the revenue streams that come from sales and ad valorem taxes, as well as TVA in-lieu-of taxes was presented.

Mrs. Mary Beth Broeren, City Planning and Economic Development Department, presented growth estimates for three cases: Case 1 - subdivision growth already approved; Case 2 - growth that aligns with the West Side Master Plan, and Case 3 – unconstrained growth bounded only by topography & municipal limits. Each case was broken into two time domains: 2017-2025 and 2025-2040.

Madison’s population has grown 850% from 1980 to the 2010 census. Today, Madison’s population is approximately 48,000 and there are approximately 18,860 households. The anticipated growth across all cases analyzed was estimated between 3,650 and 13,300 additional homes. This implies Madison could see a population size somewhere between 56,000 to 83,000 in the next 10 to 25 years.

Madison City Schools currently has an enrollment over 10,500 with our middle schools being the most crowded at 94% capacity. None of the future growth scenarios assessed can be met by the current capacity of MCS.

The Committee discussed these issues, as well as the need to gather further insights into historical home values, economic growth data, assessing how other school districts meet growth challenges, etc. Action items were assigned so these additional data can be presented at the next meeting. The Committee hopes to make an initial presentation to City Council and the BOE in early September.