Madison Schools Growth Impact Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of this committee is to help develop a plan to keep our Madison City Schools as the best K-12 educational value in the State of Alabama by understanding the impact our growth has on our schools and the needs our schools will have over the next 10-20 years.

Madison Growth Impact Committee Group Photo

Committee Members:

Dr. Terri Johnson - Co-Chair
Mike Potter - Co-Chair
Steve Haraway
David Hergenroeder
Alice Lessmann
Larry Miles
Valerie Miles
Shaquinta Morgan
Bebe Oetjen
Dr. Sandy Patel
Steve Ryder
Greg Shaw
Dr.Sheila Nash Stevenson
Al Sullivan


What is the Growth Impact Committee going to do?

Answer: The committee will develop a recommended plan the City of Madison can use to keep our Madison City Schools providing the best value education (K-12) in the State of Alabama.

Does the committee have a methodology?

Answer: The committee’s assessment will be done using three scenario assumptions:

Case 1: Document the growth / build-out of Madison as already approved by Planning Commission & City Council (includes current approved subdivisions / lots plus likely near term strategic annexations);

Case 2: Document the growth / build-out of Madison in the next 10-15 years utilizing the Madison Growth Plan and the Western Growth Plan;

Case 3: Document the growth / build-out of Madison in the next 10-15 years assuming all possible annexations (no plan constraints) – only limited by Huntsville / Athens municipal boundaries.

  • Committee will determine for each Case what MCS, and essential City, infrastructure will be required to support the growth assumed under each case. (Bricks & mortar schools & facilities to include supporting City infrastructure).
  • In each Case assessed, the committee will estimate the cost (additional operational and needed capital) associated with meeting the assumed growth for each Case.
  • For each Case the committee will analyze and understand the possible funding channels Madison / MCS can use to meets the required costs.
  • The committee will formulate recommendations as to actions needed by Mayor/Council, or Superintendent/School Board to address the likely growth path of the City of Madison.

Who will the committee report to?

Answer: The Mayor, City Council, MCS Superintendent and BOE. The committee will periodically report progress milestone to the City council and MCS BOE in public meetings. Final recommendations will be presented to the City as a whole during public involvement meetings held by the Mayor and MCS Superintendent.