Energy Code Compliance

Energy Code Compliance Requirements


New one and two family homes located in the City of Madison are required to demonstrate compliance with the residential energy efficiency provisions of the 2006 International Residential Code and the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code by third party verification. When an applicant completes a building permit application they must choose one of two methods of compliance:

  • Huntsville Utilities
  • Other (If selected the applicant must provide the name of the third party BPI or HERS Rater who will provide these services.)

Compliance throughout the construction process is achieved in three steps. ONE: Prior to beginning construction the applicant should contact Huntsville Utilities Energy Department, or a contractor who is BPI Certified, or who is a HERS Rater to develop a plan for compliance. TWO: Obtain a simple document from your chosen energy verifier to confirm that compliance is achieved in concealed spaces prior to requesting your rough-in 2 inspection and applying drywall. (Inspection requests for a rough-in 2 will not be accepted without this documentation.) THREE: Before the certificate of occupancy can be issued the REScheck or REM/Rate compliance certificate compliant with the 2009 IECC must be received from your third party verifier. If you are using the Huntsville Utilities New Homes Program you must submit their energy rating certificate compliant with the Energy Right Platinum Certification Standard. All compliance information can be e-mailed to the Building Department.

NOTE: Huntsville Utilities New Homes Program is not available for homes that are not serviced by Huntsville Utilities. Open the following links to find:

List of BPI Certified Verifiers –

List of HERS Raters –

Huntsville Utilities New Homes Program – email

Find local contractor information –