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Madison Annexation Procedure
  • Property must be contiguous with existing city limits or contiguity must be established during the annexation of two or more parcels, one of which is contiguous with existing city limits.
  • The zoning designation for newly annexed lands must be harmonious with surrounding zoning districts or uses of surrounding unincorporated lands, and must be approved by the Director of Community Development & Planning.
  • Submit copy of deed to the Planning Department. Provide name, phone number and property address.
  • The Planning Department will prepare a petition for the property owner’s signature.
  • The Planning Department will then prepare a report on the property and forward to Madison Utilities, The Madison City School Board , Fire, Police and Public Works, requesting recommendations and/or comments.
  • Once the responses are received, an Ordinance and packet of supporting documents will be prepared for City Council.
  • The Petition for Annexation will be placed on Council's agenda for a first reading (review).
  • At the next Council meeting, the Petition for Annexation will be placed on the agenda for the second and final reading.  Council will, at this time, either approve or deny the petition.
  • If  approved, the City Clerk’s office will send the Ordinance assenting to the annexation to the county courthouse for recording, advertise in The Madison County Record, and mail the property owner a demographic questionnaire to be completed and returned to their office as quickly as possible.
  • When returned, The City Clerk’s office will forward the questionnaire to the Planning Department for inclusion in the submission packet for filing with the Department of Justice, in compliance with Section 5 of The Voting Rights Act.  This filing is the last step in the process.  The Department of Justice has 30 days to file an objection to the annexation, if they so desire.
  • Discussion with City Staff is required.

For more information contact:
Johnny Blizzard
Senior Planner of Current Planning

City of Madison
100 Hughes Road - Lower Level (South Entrance)
Madison, AL  35758


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