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Home-Based Business
Home Based Businesses in the City of Madison
To have a home-based business within the City of Madison, complete a Residential Zoning Compliance Certificate and bring it to the Planning and Economic Development Department located at:

100 Hughes Rd.
Madison, AL 35758

Questions regarding home based businesses within the City of Madison should be addressed to (256) 772-5638. If you are living in a rented or leased residence, a letter from the landlord stating that you are allowed to conduct business from your residence is required.

Business License Application
Once your Home Occupation Permit is issued, bring a copy of it along with a completed Business License Application to:
Revenue Department
100 Hughes Rd.
Madison, AL 35758

We will ask the nature of your business activities so that we may properly classify your company for business license purposes. The total amount due for your business license will be based on your estimated gross receipts for the remainder of the calendar year, along with how we have classified your business for licensing purposes.

Home occupation permits are sold separately from your business license. Each must be paid separately. Any questions regarding your business license should be addressed to the Revenue Department at (256) 772-5654.

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