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Traffic Safety Tips
  • Leave earlier.
  • Slow down and obey speed limits. Neighborhood speed limits are 25 mph.
  • Do not enter intersections until there is enough room to clear the entire intersection.
  • Never place a child safety seat in front of an airbag.
  • Streets are designated for vehicles and should never be used as a playground for your children.
  • Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  • School buses are picking up and dropping off children. Stop while buses are loading and unloading.
  • School zones are 25 mph and are strictly enforced.

Did You Know?
  • The Alabama Code Title 32 requires motorists that are involved in a traffic crash to remain at the scene of the accident and render aid if there are injuries.
  • You are not required to stop for a school bus loading or unloading if you are on a divided highway and you are on the opposite side.
  • If you double your speed, you quadruple your stopping distance.
  • The top causes of traffic accidents in Madison are:
    1. Driver Not in Control - Inattentiveness to the task of driving
    2. Failure to Yield Right of Way - Pulling /turning in front of another vehicle
    3. Following Too Close - Following another vehicle too close to stop when the vehicle in front stops abruptly

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