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K-9 Unit
K-9 Team
The K-9 Team focuses on the detection of illegal narcotics, suspect apprehension, and tracking while maintaining superior standards in training and certification.

In addition to regular duties, the K-9 officer will spend a great deal of time training their partners to maintain a maximum level of efficiency as a team. Madison Police Department's K-9 Team trains regularly with other K-9 officers in Madison County.

Our K-9 team is a valuable part of daily law enforcement operations. Police dogs are an extremely valuable law enforcement tool. They are trained in:
  • Handler protection
  • Searching techniques
  • Article searches
  • Narcotics detection

Using the K-9 Unit

The deployment of a K-9 Team can save hours of time for police officers. A K-9 team can search quickly and effectively, resulting in increased officer safety, the apprehension of suspects, and increased safety for the community. Our K-9 Team has effectively apprehended dangerous suspects, located evidence, and recovered narcotics which were hidden by drug dealers.

Community Involvement
The K-9 Team provides demonstrations and attends educational programs for community groups and students. The Madison Police Department has received a great deal of support from the community, including donations for canine bulletproof vests and other essential equipment.

For more information, contact Sgt. Nathan Beard at (256) 772-6260.

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