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Volunteer Program
About the Program
Your city government feels that an engaged community is a stronger community. This is validated by statistics that reflect the higher the volunteer rate in a community, the stronger the cohesiveness between neighbors.

The Madison Volunteer Program has become a tool for the community through volunteer referrals and our support of local events.

We serve as a link between the residents who would like to volunteer and the agencies that need their help. We match up people who want to volunteer with an appropriate volunteer effort, based upon their desires, experience, and availability.

Want to Get Involved?
Find volunteer opportunities in our area at

Signup for our volunteer announcements to see where your skills may be needed.

  • Other Community Volunteer Information:
    Inside-Out Ministries, Inc. is an all volunteer service organization that not only needs volunteers, but also offers the community the strength of volunteers ready for action.
    For more information please call 256-325-5193 or 256-830-5193, or on the web at
  • If your service organization needs volunteers, Contact Gayle Milam at 256-772-5557

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