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Municipal Court

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1. How do I get to City Hall?
2. How, or where can I find, and what are the costs of traffic tickets and the eligibility guidelines for Defensive Driving School?
3. Where do I go to register to vote, buy car tags, get married, or file civil paperwork?
4. Can I pay my ticket online?
5. What day and times are court sessions?
6. What is an arraignment?
7. How long with court last?
8. Can I talk with the judge or prosecutor before my court date?
9. What will happen if I fail to appear in court?
10. What do I do if my license is suspended?
11. How do I know if it’s a City violation, county violation, or State violation?
12. How do I reschedule my court date?
13. Who writes tickets that would be processed in the Madison City Court?
14. Does every charge require a court appearance?
15. Can someone else come in and pay my ticket?
16. How do I pay a ticket by mail?
17. How do I sign up for a defensive driving course?

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