What do I do if I am involved in a traffic accident?
First thing to do is check and see if anyone involved is injured, give first aid if possible. Then call the Police Department or have someone do it for you. If no one is injured, you should try and move the vehicles out of the roadway to a safer place. The old adage "you need to leave the cars in the roadway for the police to see" is a dangerous practice. We can usually tell what occurred based upon the vehicle damage and physical evidence at the scene. If the vehicles are not drivable, leave them in the roadway and walk to a position of safety (like the sidewalk) and wait there for the police to arrive.

It is necessary to notify your insurance agent immediately, regardless of who was at fault. If your agent requests a police report, you may pick up a copy at the police department Three days after the accident, or you can mail a request to:

Madison Police Department
Attn: Records Division
100 Hughes Rd.
Madison, Al 35758

In the event of a hit-and-run collision, a police officer will also fill out an Incident / Offense Report. You may pick up a copy at the police department.

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