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What are some of the common mistakes made during bid/proposal submittal?
It is critical that bidders submit bids that are complete with all specifications and requirements met, or they may not be eligible for consideration. Here are some things a bidder should keep in mind (this list is not meant to be inclusive of all mistakes that could deem a bidder ineligible for consideration or non-responsive):

1. Bidders must submit bid/proposal documents by the due date and time specified. Late bids will not be considered.
2. Every solicitation contains a number of conditions. Some apply to all solicitations, and some are just tailored to a particular solicitation so please read the solicitation conditions fully. Failure to adhere to solicitation conditions may result in the rejection of a bid.
3. Bid/Propose only on items, quantities, and the requirements that are requested, please do not add any qualifications or reservations to the bid/proposal. If you do, the bid/proposal may be rejected for doing so.

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1. What are some of the common mistakes made during bid/proposal submittal?
2. If a vendor has a question regarding the specifications or requirements of a solicitation, who can they ask for clarification?
3. Do parties interested in bidding on a City solicitation really need to attend pre-bid meetings and site visits?
4. Can a vendor turn in a bid late?
5. Can I submit a solicitation bid by facsimile or e-mail?
6. What is E-Verify and does it apply to me?

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