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Where and how in the City can I develop a particular use (e.g., residential)?
Determine the zoning designation of the property by checking the Zoning Map. If approved for that particular use by the Zoning Ordinance, confirm that the parcel you are considering has been platted for that particular use (density,unit type, etc.) or has sufficient parking by calling the Planning Department at 256-772-5630.Zoning Map

Planning Department

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1. I would like to rezone some of my property. What should I do?
2. I am considering opening a business in Madison. What should I do?
3. Where and how in the City can I develop a particular use (e.g., residential)?
4. What is the zoning on a subject property and what may be built on it?
5. Where can I obtain a copy of an existing survey for a specific parcel of land?
6. What are the required building setbacks for a subject property?
7. How big of a shed am I permitted to have and where on my property can I place it?
8. Does the City have a Comprehensive Plan?
9. Is the City's zoning map online?
10. How do I annex into the City of Madison?
11. Who do I call if I have questions?

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