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     September 2014 Minutes

Madison City Disability Advocacy Board

Regular Monthly Board Meeting


Date:  September 9, 2014                                          Time:  6:00 pm                      

Location:  City Hall, Conference Room 130            Presiding:  Claudia Rice, Vice-Chairperson         Recorder:  Joni Haas

Board Members Present:  Claudia Rice, Joni Haas, Cynthia Allison, Gerald Clark, Kathy Burris, Willard Brooks, Paula Cushman

Board Members Absent:  Keith Bedsole, Jamie Hill

Guests Present:  none


Call to Order:  The Vice-Chairperson, Claudia Rice, called the meeting to order and noted that a quorum was present.  It was noted that sufficient prior notice of the meeting was given, in accordance with the Alabama Open Meetings Act.

Announcements:  The Madison Public Library has started a new book club just for adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).   The Next Chapter Book Club (NCBC),  starts on Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 6:30 p.m.  Participants will meet at the Madison Library to read, learn, and make friends in a relaxed setting. A group of five to eight people with IDD will gather with two or three trained volunteer facilitators to read aloud and discuss a book for one hour each week.  For more info contact Teresa Allison at

Making Waves swim time is in need of a new lead.  Kathy Burris will consider taking the responsibility.  Colby Flack is the contact she will coordinate with to discuss possibly changing the schedule that is currently being used.

Miracle League fall ball is beginning.  Contact for more information.

Dancing with Friends is the first Friday of each month from 6:30 ? 8:30 at Trinity United Methodist Church.  Dancing is for older teens and adults with disabilities.  Those interested must contact to confirm attendance.

Ability Plus is having a Tailgate Kick-off on September 15 from 4-8 in Madi?s Café and Bar at Renovated Radison Madison.  There will be door prizes, happy hour drinks and food specials with grand prize bundle of Radisson Madison and Hertz rental.

Public Comments:  None


Approval of Minutes: Claudia Rice noted a quorum was present from the regular August 12, 2014 meeting.  Claudia made the motion that the minutes, previously distributed to the board, be approved.  Paula Cushman seconded.  All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; one abstention. Motion carried.


Treasurer?s Report:  Willard Brooks, the new treasurer, provided a copy of the Treasurer?s report to all board members present.  He reported a balance of $17,237.19 including $2545.41 earmarked for EPIC.  The expenditures included in the report are:  $1000 for USSRC scholarship, $124.07 supplies for the Humana booth, $167.96 MCDAB awards and $169.09 for Fishing Rodeo supplies.  Claudia Rice is preparing a letter to the Director of Finance for the requesting the check for EPIC funds.  The MCDAB annual request for appropriation was submitted to the Madison City Council.


MCDAB Employer Award:  We are accepting nominations for the MCDAB employer award that will be presented in October  - Disability Employer Awareness Month.  This award is for any employer in Madison that employs the handicapped or Huntsville if that company employs a handicapped Madison resident.


Committee Reports:


Accessibility:  Willard Brooks attended an Emergency Preparedness seminar to hear the FEMA director speak on emergency preparedness for the disabled.    The push is to increase public awareness as well as individual awareness of what is available during weather emergencies.  Accepting a spot on the committee, Willard will meet quarterly to brainstorm how to disseminate emergency preparedness information pertaining to the disabled.


MARS Bus:   Claudia Rice received an e-mail from Corey Alford, Madison Parks and Recreation, concerning the grant for the MARS bus.  He reported that after reviewing the grant and post bus purchase requirements, the decision was made to not accept the grant but the City will purchase the bus instead.


MCDAB autonomy:  The City Council is recommending MCDAB become a more autonomous entity, maintaining their own funds and possibly seeking 501C status.  Further discussions will ensue at a later date to go over the benefits and drawbacks.  Kathy Burris will check with other boards, and determine how holding their own funds works for those boards with and without 501C status.


Madison Street Festival Booth:  Sign up sheet was passed around for shifts for the street festival.   The MCDAB brochure was discussed and decision was made to go with the format we already have to facilitate reproduction in time.  Willard Brooks motioned that we order 100 brochures and Cynthia Allison seconded.  All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried.

Discussion continued on type and quantity of gifts to award for the Plinko game that we will have in our booth.  Willard Brooks moved to allocate up to $600 for prizes.  Claudia Rice seconded. All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried.  .  Joni Haas will purchase the prizes

Cynthia will prepare a banner to go at the top of the Plinko game to identify MCDAB and bring colored cards for the winning slots.


Board Openings:  There currently are two board openings. Claudia Rice will be verifying Jamie Hill?s status and will contact Maria Kilgore to get a replacement once she confirms Jamie?s intentions.  The other board vacancy is Place #3 which is a parent/caregiver of a person with a disability.  Everyone is encouraged to invite Madison citizens to apply as soon as possible. 


Madison Weekly Article:  Cynthia will write the September article on the Inspiration, Faith and Personal Services MCDAB awards that were presented at the City Council meeting and include pictures.  Kathy Burris will write the October article.   Joni Haas will write the November article about Special Olympics Track and Field Events that are held October 21.


Proposed Donation:  Claudia Rice brought forward information on the needs of Madison County Special Olympics.  She reported that the funding for Special Olympics is not provided by the State or National organization, they rely solely on fund raising and donations.  Special Olympics provides recreation for many of our disabled in Madison through many sports, track and field, bowling, swimming, golf, weight lifting, equestrian, ice skating, etc.  Paula moved that we donate $1000 from the transportation budget for bus transportation for Madison County Special Olympics state games.  Kathy Burris seconded. All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried.




Meeting Adjourned:   Meeting was adjourned at 7:50.


Next meeting is October 14, 2014 at 6:00 City Hall, Conference Room 130.  


NOTE:  Underlined text indicates an action to be taken by a board member(s).