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     May 2014 Minutes

Madison City Disability Advocacy Board

Regular Monthly Board Meeting


Date:  May 13, 2014                                      Time:  6:00 pm                      

Location:  City Hall, Conference Room 130            Presiding:  Keith Bedsole, Chairperson                 Recorder:  Joni Haas

Board Members Present:  Claudia Rice, Don Gardner, Joni Haas, Cynthia Allison, Gerald Clark, Kathy Burris, Paula Cushman

Board Members Absent: Jamie Hill, Tracy Butterfield

Guests Present:  Willard Brooks; Rachel Davis and Deborah Jenkins from Merimack Hall.


Call to Order:  The Chairperson, Keith Bedsole, called the meeting to order and noted that a quorum was present.  It was noted that sufficient prior notice of the meeting was given, in accordance with the Alabama Open Meetings Act.


Announcements:  Next Making Waves is scheduled for Saturday May 17 at the Hogan YMCA from 5 to 7.


Public Comments:  Rachel Davis and Deborah Jenkins from Merrimack described the programs available.  They are particularly proud of their Adult Day Program available for adults 18 years and older.  The program provides various activities, photography, writing, and crafts with a monthly social.  They reported that 32 percent of their participants in this day program live in Madison.  They also invited us to a concert featuring the day program participants and a live band.  The date is June 27 from 6-7 and it is free of charge.


Approval of Minutes: Claudia Rice noted a quorum was present from the regular March 2014 meeting but not the April 2014 minutes.  Claudia made the motion that the March 2014 minutes, previously distributed to the board, be approved.  Keith Bedsole seconded.  All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; one abstention. Motion carried. 


Treasurer?s Report:  Don Gardner provided a copy of the Treasurer?s report to all board members present.  He reported a balance of $14971.56.  Of this balance, $2,718.66 is earmarked as EPIC funds.  There is no change from the previous month.


Committee Reports:


Accessibility: No committee report but Mr. Brooks asked about the development of trails/greenways in Madison.  Gerald Clark reported that all greenways are accessible, if the space can be made accessible it is required to be made accessible.  Keith Bedsole recommended we begin a dialogue with the Land Trust to ascertain how we could provide funding or recommendations for handicap accessibility.  Mr. Brooks also asked about handicapped accessible storm shelters in Madison and how they are advertised.  No one knew of a publicized list but agreed that finding and/or developing this list would be a good project for the board to take on.


Day Services and Housing:  Claudia Rice reported that EPIC had a meeting with the attorney for paperwork filing for non-profit.  Two checks need to accompany the application, $100 to the Alabama Secretary of State and $73.27 to the Madison County Probate Judge.  Paula Cushman made a motion for $173.27 from the earmarked EPIC funds to be provided for the EPIC non-profit paperwork filing.  Kathy Burris seconded. All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried. 


Transportation:  None


2014 Expenditures:

Last month Claudia Rice initiated discussion on possible expenditures for 2014 to possibly include 310 Board.   The Mental Health Center of Madison County is a direct result of the 1967 Alabama Legislature passing Act 310, which regulated and authorized the formation of regional mental health boards. This 12-member governing board governs the center that provides many services including case management and residential programs for developmental disabilities.  Further discussion resulted in the recommendation for the 310 Board to reach out the Madison City Council, educating them on their programs and their needs as well as the number of Madison residents that receive their services.  Madison City Council may be able to add some funding for them in this year?s appropriations.  Keith Bedsole will ask the 310 Board to come speak to the City Council.  Currently only Huntsville and Madison County provide funding to this organization.

Other expenditure discussion followed on how MCDAB could get connected with the June 27 concert and the Merrimack Hall.  Paula Cushman motioned to provide $300 to Merrimack contingent on branding us with the event.  Kathy Burris seconded.  All board members present approved the motion; no opposition.  Motion carried.  Kathy Burris will work the action with Merrimack.


USSRC Scholarship:  Kathy Burris got with Jamie Hill to get copies out to the students.  Applications have been updated with MCDAB website and Kathy?s email.  Jamie promised to get the information distributed.  Keith Bedsole and Kathy will be following up with Jamie.


Staggered Board Expiration:  The first reading at the City council was April 14, 2014 with the approval granted April 28. 


Annual Appropriation Submittal:  Brief to City Council on Tuesday May 27 (meeting rescheduled to Tuesday because of Memorial Day).


Fishing Rodeo:  Joni Haas spoke with Gail Milam regarding coordination for the Fishing Rodeo.  Decision was made to schedule it later in June depending on Gail?s availability.  Joni will meet with Gail and Claudia Rice to finalize the details.  Claudia motioned that we allow up to $500 for the rodeo expenses.  Katy Burris seconded. All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried. 


New Business:


Madison Street Festival Booth:  Claudia Rice reported that she had tried to begin the sign-up for the Madison Street Festival process.  She experienced some problems in selecting the tent package that was offered last year but will continue to work on it.  Cynthia Allison motioned that we allow up to $400 ($100 for registration and remainder for tent cost).  Paula Cushman seconded. All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried.


MCDAB Awards:  Claudia Rice reminded the board that it was time to begin work on our annual awards.  Claudia will write article for Madison Weekly asking for applications.  Don Gardner motioned that $150 be allowed for plaques for awards.  Kathy Burris seconded.  All board members present approved the motion; no opposition; no abstention. Motion carried. 


College Availability:  Mr. Brooks also asked about college for students with developmental disabilities.  He is particularly interested in ideas for the program, scholarships and if a similar program already exists.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:40pm


Next meeting is June 10, 2014 at 6:00 City Hall, Conference Room 130.  


NOTE:  Underlined text indicates an action to be taken by a board member(s).