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     November 2013 Minutes

Madison City Disability Advocacy Board

Regular Monthly Board Meeting


Date:  November 12, 2013                                        Time:  6:00 pm                      

Location:  City Hall, Conference Room 130            Presiding:  Keith Bedsole, Chairperson                 Recorder:  Joni Haas

Board Members Present:  Claudia Rice, Don Gardner, Joni Haas, Cynthia Allison, Gerald Clark, Jamie Hill, Kathy Burris, Keith Bedsole

Board Members Absent: Tracy Butterfield

Guests Present:  none


Call to Order:  The Chairperson, Keith Bedsole, called the meeting to order and noted that a quorum was present.  It was noted that sufficient prior notice of the meeting was given, in accordance with the Alabama Open Meetings Act.


Announcements:  None


Public Comments:  None


Approval of Minutes: It was noted that a quorum was present from the regular September and October 2013 meetings.  Claudia made the motion that the September 2013 minutes, previously distributed to the board, be approved.  Don Gardner seconded.  Don Gardner motioned that the October 2013 minutes be approved with noted changes.  All board members present approved both motions; no opposition; one abstention. Motions carried.


Treasurer Report:  Don Gardner provided a copy of the Treasurer report to all board members present.  He reported a balance of $12,399.80.  The only change from the October 8, 2013 meeting is the expenditures of $140.93 miscellaneous expenses and $32 proceeds from the Street Festival.  Claudia Rice presented a receipt for pizzas for the volunteers working on the Garage Sale for EPIC.  The total $64.90 was proposed to come out of the Day Services and Housing budget.   Kathy Burris motioned that the receipt be paid and Keith Bedsole seconded; board members approved the motion, no opposition; one abstention.  Motion carried.


Annual Agreement with City of Madison for Appropriation:  The annual agreement with the City of Madison for appropriation request for 2014 was received.  Claudia provided the MCDAB plan submitted last year for 2013 and provided an initial list of our 2013 accomplishments.  After brainstorming for 2014 plan, several goals were identified but it was decided everyone will bring ideas back to the next meeting as well as any additions to the accomplishments list. 


Committee Reports:


Accessibility:  None


Day Services and Housing:  The garage sale was very successful.  Many volunteers provided setup, sales and cleanup.  $2143.66 was raised and will be earmarked in the MCDAB budget until the funds will be transferred to EPIC Inc.  Gerald Clark will take the issue of EPIC Inc. spinning off from MCDAB to the next City Council working session.  The EPIC Inc. name has been registered with the state and the website domain name has been secured.  Jamie Hill motioned to repay Kathy Burris for the fees ($82) to renew the EPIC Inc. name with the state.  Don Gardner seconded, board members approved the motion, no opposition; one abstention.  Motion carried.


Transportation:  None


Recreation Advisory Board:  None


Scholarship Proposal:  Don Gardner distributed an example of the USSRC application which will be tailored to meet our requirements.  Jamie Hill recommended that once we have the application vetted through the USSRC it is submitted to Madison School System for their concurrence and distribution.  Discussion on how to make sure the desired audience is reached.  Review of the current USSRC application brought questions about how the patch design and science project requirements would fit into our application.  Kathy Burris will contact the USSRC to understand these requirements purpose in their application to determine if we need to include those items in our application.


New Business: Decision made for replacement for No. 9 seat on the board - a person associated with a business affiliated with disability services. Board recommendation of Paula Cushman will be forwarded to the City Council for appointment.


December meeting:  Decision made to not hold a December meeting.


Meeting Adjourned:  Claudia Rice motioned to adjourn, Jamie Hill seconded.



Next meeting is January 15, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, Conference Room 130.


Note:  Underlined text indicates an action to be taken by a board member (s).