Channel 42 - Announcement Policy

Announcement Policy 11/11/2008

By order of the Mayor of the City of Madison, Alabama, the following administrative policy is hereby adopted regarding the publication of announcements on City Cable Access Channel 42:

  • Government Access Channel 42 had been made available for the City's use pursuant a franchise agreement with Cable Alabama now known as Knology. Access to Cable Channel 42 for public announcements or notices is not provided by right, but is a privilege afforded by the City pursuant to this policy.
  • Only announcements or notices for non-profit, church, school, civic, or other public or quasi-public groups, organizations, and entities regarding events or matters available, open, or of general interest to the public held in Madison City limits will be permitted; provided, however, that this policy shall not be deemed to prohibit public announcements or notices by commercial or for-profit organizations regarding events, functions, or fund raisers from which all net proceeds are to be donated to non-profit, charitable groups, or organizations.
  • No announcement or notice may be posted which will promote a political or commercial interest or cause; provided, however, that announcements of the date, time, and place of meetings of political organizations, including the name of a guest speaker, if any, will not be deemed to violate this policy.
  • Announcements will not be run more than two weeks before an event unless sponsored by the City or at the request of the Mayor or a Council member.
  • The City reserves the right to refuse or terminate announcements or notices, at the discretion of the Mayor or by official act of the City Council, which cannot be accommodated because of the demand for public announcements of the City, its boards, committees, or subordinate entities, or are deemed offensive, inappropriate, not in the public interest, or in conflict with this policy.
  • This policy supersedes and replaces any prior policy related to announcements or notices on Government Access Channel 42 made by or on behalf of the City or of the Mayor’s Office.