Garbage and Trash Service



Republic Services won the bid from the city for their contract to begin in 2018 for a 3 year term with an option for additional 3 year extensions. Both the agreement and the new pricing took effect and included a price increase on March 1st of each year of the agreement. The City of Madison passed an ordinance in January of 2018, which listed rate increases, as well as an amended ordinance for residents who are served by Athens Utilities. 

Republic Services’ first 3 year term ended on March 1st of 2021. Republic Services notified our Public Works Department along with City Council of a request to increase the contract price due to unforeseen circumstances arising during the course of their work. A change order to increase the pricing by 10% was deemed necessary and Resolution 2021-92-R was passed on March 22nd of 2021, and was shown on residents' June billing cycle of 2021. With the 10% increase, Republic’s 2021 rate went from $8.16 per month to $8.98 per month. Also, Madison Utilities customers have the additional $0.75 billing fee added to that (making their new amount $9.73) and Athens Utilities customers have the additional $0.95 cent billing fee added (making their new total $9.93). Residents saw an increase for March 1 (on April billing) and again on May 1 (on June billing).

For further questions regarding these rate increases, please contact

Garbage Services (Household Waste)

Garbage service is provided by Madison County Sanitation every Thursday. For more information, call 256-532-3718, email Madison Sanitation, or see the Madison County Sanitation website.

Trash Service (Yard Debris and Large Items)

Republic Services provides trash service for the residents of the City of Madison. They can be reached at 256-327-4449 or email Republic Services.

To determine when this service occurs on your street refer to the schedule:

Trash Schedule

Typical trash items that are picked up include:

  • Green Waste (Tree limbs, Brush, Leaves, Grass Clippings, etc.)
  • Appliances (Washers, Refrigerators, etc.)
  • Cardboard Boxes (must be collapsed and bundled together)

Please refer to our guidelines for procedures and specific information on these and other special items.

Items NOT picked up include, but are not limited to, PAINT, OIL, BATTERIES, GAS AND GAS TANKS (or anything considered to be hazardous materials), TELEVISIONS, COMPUTERS, MICROWAVES, TIRES, CLOTHES OR BLANKETS, PAPER, PERISHABLES (such as food), GLASS BOTTLES OR JARS, OR ANY CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS

Any hazardous materials are disposed of at the Solid Waste Disposal Authority.