Mayor's Office

Mayor Paul Finley

The Mayor serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Administrative Branch of Madison’s City Government. Mayor Finley is currently serving his third Mayoral administration while upholding Madison City's mission:

"The City of Madison's mission is to provide excellent services through responsible use of public resources, enhancing the quality of life for our community."

Mayor's Responsibilities:

  • Enforce all laws & ordinances
  • Exercise administrative supervision & control over all departments
  • Prepare & submitting annual budgets to the Council
  • Keep the Council fully advised of the financial conditions & needs of the City
  • Recommend actions to the Council
  • Hire and terminate all employees of the City with the exception of the City Clerk, City Attorney, Police Chief, & Fire Chief

Mayor's Scholarship Award Program

  1. BJHS Winners
  2. JCHS Winners
  3. DMS
  4. LMS 
  5. St. John's
School Year Student
2019-2020 Anna Crouse
2018-2019 Malachi Battle
2017-2018 Alberto Frutos
2016-2017 Christian Harris
2015-2016 Jayla Crump
2014-2015 Annalicia Rosado
2013-2014 Daniel Lang
2012-2013 Frederick Daso
2011-2012 Jon Ganatra
2010-2011 Nicholas Mecikalski
2009-2010 Caleb Bradford
2008-2009 Hannah Bowers