The Captain is responsible for the day to day operations of a single station. They have demonstrated leadership ability, fire knowledge and skill. They serve as the incident commander on a wide variety of incidents and will step up as an acting Battalion Chief as needed. 


Captain Dustin Spires- P               

Captain Jeff Ramsey-I                                   

Captain Chad Menard-P

Captain Doug Hill-P         

Captain Marty Emerson-B                                           

Captain Daryl McMeans-B                                                  

Captain Russ Kennington-P                        

Captain Stacy Crews-P                                                  

Captain Josh Bradley-P                 

Captain Jason Tidwell-P                

Captain Chris Mankin-P


The Driver/Engineer is responsible for ensuring the fire crew's safe arrival to calls, and ensuring the apparatus all equipment is in working order. They also step up to station captain as needed. 


Driver Chris Holden-B                                    

Driver Mason Daniel-B                                  

Driver Ron Hopkins-B

Driver Jeff Herrin-B                                        

Driver Jay McGough-B                                  

Driver Kenny Steelman-B

Driver Bobby Phillips-B                 

Driver Eddie Richardson-P                           

Driver Dan Pickens-P

Driver John Gallaway-P                

Driver Brent Rhodes-P                  

Driver Pete Mehok-P                                    

Driver Jimmy Parcus-B

Driver Jonathan Chapman-P                                               

Driver Kevin Bailey-P

Driver Brandon Magill-P

Driver Matt Rodgers-P                  

Driver Jeff Bass-P                            

Driver Richard Ennis-P

Driver Chris Ramsey-P  

Driver Brandon Burgess-P           


Firefighters are the on scene technicians for incidents, and hazard mitigation. They serve as paramedics, rescue techs, and step up to driver as needed.  

Fire Firefighters

Fire Fighter Jacob Stewart-P

Fire Fighter Ryan Ledford-A                       

Fire Fighter Gage Tolton-P                          

Fire Fighter Marty Pitts-A            

Fire Fighter Mitchell Sowers-P                  

Fire Fighter Dylan Kyle-P                              

Fire Fighter Jonathan Martin-P

Fire Fighter Steven Blakesley-A                                

Fire Fighter Wesley Swaim-P                                     

Fire Fighter Dale Dowdy-P                                                

Fire Fighter Ken Howard-P                          

Fire Fighter Herbert Reid-P                         

Fire Fighter Michael Achord-P

Fire Fighter Jimmy Campbell-B                                  

Fire Fighter Tim Dickson-A                          

Fire Fighter Steven Chop-A

Fire Fighter Zac Tanner-P                             

Fire Fighter Travis Tanner-P

Fire Fighter Stephen Long-P

Fire Fighter Bryant Smith-P

Fire Fighter Chris Joye-P              

Recruit- Oliver Clemons

Recruit- Cody White

Recruit- Cody Nowakowski

Recruit- Christopher McEvoy

Recruit- Tyler Drew

Recruit- Jonah Cowan

Recruit- Timothy Hall




Legend: B- EMT Basic    A-EMT Advanced  I-EMT Intermediate   P-EMT Paramedic