Capital Improvements Program

About the Program
The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a plan for capital expenditures to be incurred each year over a fixed period of several years. The City’s CIP includes improvements that are relatively expensive, non-recurring, multi-year useful life, and result in fixed assets.

These projects may relate to:
  • Construction and acquisition of new buildings
  • Additions to or renovations of existing buildings
  • Construction of streets
  • Drainage improvements
  • Land purchases
  • Recreational facilities

The CIP is a very progressive process.  Projects are added and deleted from the funded and unfunded lists of projects as the governing body assesses the needs of the City.

The City of Madison has an interactive map available to our residents to stay up to date on current CIP projects.

When clicking each project on the map, users will be able to see the type and project status, which department is managing the project, how it's funded, the name of design consultant as well as the hired contractor, and also the estimated percentage of current project completion. The interactive map defines Madison versus Huntsville city limits, while differentiating between streets and sidewalks, Parks and Recreation and drainage projects by color code.