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  1. City Hall

    The City of Madison Governance Transition Committee Makes Formal Recommendation to Council

    City Council members heard from the Madison Governance Transition Committee on their research and recommendation of changing the form of government for the City of Madison. Read on...
  2. Recycling

    Recycling Delays

    Red River, the contracted recycling company for Huntsville, Madison City and Madison County, is operating with limited trucks which has caused delays in recycling pick up. Read on...
  3. Council Passes Annexation of Limestone Co Land

    Madison City Council has passed annexation of unincorporated land in Limestone County to support a development with a plan for infrastructure improvements and a new elementary school for Madison City Schools. Read on...
  4. CIP Map

    Interactive Capital Improvement Projects Map

    Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) improve and maintain city infrastructure. The City of Madison has an interactive map available to our residents to stay up to date on current CIP projects. Read on...
  5. Downtown square

    Walk Historic Madison - Smart Phone App Launch

    History meets technology in Madison with the new smart phone app "Walk Historic Madison." As of November 13th, you will be able to take a self-guided walking tour of historic Madison, Alabama using the Pocketsights app on your phone. Read on...
  6. Covid 19

    COVID 19 Updates & Information

    As of August 23rd, 2021 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The City of Madison continues to meet with Health Officials to stay abreast of the COVID-19 status in our area. Read on...
  7. Storm Shelters

    Public Storm Shelter List

    ***The Madison Church of Christ is no longer serving as a public storm shelter*** Read more for a full list of public shelters in the area (provided by WAFF). Read on...
  8. Roundabout

    Intersection Glen Ives & Woodley Rd

    The City of Madison would like to inform residents that with the Balch & Gillespie Roundabout completion, the temporary 4 way stop installed at the intersection of Glen Ives Way and Woodley Rd will revert back to through and yield intersection. Read on...
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